61-62 Local Doctor

61-62 Local Doctor
Web Series Name61-62 Local Doctor
Release Date15 September 2023
Distributed ByDigi Moviplex
Running Time (approx.)20 Min (Approx)

The Webseries, directed by SSK and distributed by Digi Movieplex, debuted on September 15, 2023. This Hindi web series, spanning four episodes with a runtime of approximately 20 minutes each, blends comedy.

The storyline revolves around two friends navigating marital challenges, with a unique twist involving a local doctor. With its short, engaging episodes, this webseries offers a delightful mix of humor, making it an ideal choice for those seeking light-hearted and entertaining content.

Storyline of 61-62 Local Doctor

The plot of the web series centers on two close friends navigating the challenges of physical intimacy in their marriages. When one confides in the other about her husband’s struggles, the friend, drawing from personal experience, advises consulting a local doctor.

The series explores unconventional themes, including partner swapping, promising a unique viewing experience. For those intrigued, dive into the world of this webseries on Digi Movieplex for a bold and riveting narrative.

Cast of 61-62 Local Doctor

Cast NameRole
Pooja PoddarUpdated soon
Ruks KhandagaleUpdated soon
Ali SheikhUpdated soon
Deepak SharmaUpdated soon

The cast of the webseries features Pooja Poddar, Ruks Khandagale, Ali Sheikh, and Deepak Sharma in undisclosed roles, promising surprises and intrigue in this comedy-romance web series. Stay tuned for updates on their characters as the plot unfolds on Digi Movieplex.

Trailer of 61-62 Local Doctor

Experience the fascinating world of the webseries. This engaging series unfolds the lives of its characters uniquely. Follow their journey as they tackle challenges and romance, and find themselves in hilarious situations. 61-62 Local Doctor is the perfect blend of drama and comedy, which promises entertainment for all.


  1. What is 61-62 Local Doctor all about?

    The webseries is a captivating series that explores the lives of its characters, blending genres like romance, drama, and humor to create a unique and engaging storyline.

  2. Where and when can I watch 61-62 Local Doctor?

    You can enjoy the webseries exclusively on Digi Moviplex. The release date for Local Doctor is 15 September 2023.

  3. How many episodes are there in 61-62 Local Doctor?

    The webseries consists of 04 exciting episodes, keeping you entertained throughout its runtime.

  4. Can I expect more seasons or parts of 61-62 Local Doctor?

    The webseries is in its 01, and the creators may consider future seasons or parts based on its reception.

  5. Who is the Director of 61-62 Local Doctor Webseries?

    SSK is a director, and Akalaya Chaudhary, Sangeeta, and Kamaldeep are Assistant Directors of this webseries.

  6. Is 61-62 Local Doctor available in multiple languages?

    This webseries is primarily presented in Hindi, and Urdu ensures that a wider audience can enjoy its compelling narrative.


The world of webseries as we explore the lives of its characters, is filled with twists and turns. Whether it’s romance, humor, or drama, 61-62 Local Doctor offers it all. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey – a testament to the magic of storytelling.